Asset Bank Integrates Shutterstock to Simplify Asset Management

Shutterstock is now connected with Bright’s flagship digital asset management product, Asset Bank, to provide customers centralized access to licensed Shutterstock content.

Effective digital marketing campaigns often rely on powerful, on-brand visuals that catch attention and resonate with the target audience. But managing a growing volume of media content is difficult and time-consuming.

Before you know it, marketers and creatives are spending too much time tracking down the various media assets, eliminating duplicates, and providing oversight for version control issues across multiple file storage sources. These administrative tasks can cut into team productivity and cause delays in campaign launches. 

Asset Bank is an award-winning DAM system designed to solve the chaos of digital media management and give teams back their valuable time to focus on doing what they do best. Built by Bright, a company that has been developing intelligent software solutions since 1999, Asset Bank prioritizes ease of use for marketers, creatives, and DAM managers. 

The new Shutterstock integration aligns with their mission of providing a seamless experience for their customers. According to Paul Seymour, Head of Asset Bank:

“We’re always looking for ways to make Asset Bank more useful and effortless for our customers. Integrating with the …
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