Game Boy Camera gets new life as a low-resolution, highly impractical webcam

Hardware modder, retro gaming enthusiast and Everyday Carry co-founder Bernard Capulong has come to the rescue of an anonymous Redditor who recently expressed their desire for pettiness on the social media platform. The result? A video demonstrating the use of an old Game Boy camera as a modern, live webcam.
On Tuesday, September 1, a Redditor known only by the handle ‘/u/eye_for_an_homunculi’ posted a question on the Game Boy subreddit: is it possible to use an old Game Boy camera as a webcam? The reason, Homunculi explained, was to use the camera as a type of petty ‘gotcha’ in protest of ‘a long list of insane rules’ he or she had to follow when taking an online exam.
It didn’t take long before Capulong dropped a comment demonstrating that it is possible; he shared an image of his setup, as well as video captured using the Game Boy camera as a webcam. The process is expensive if you don’t have the right hardware and fairly convoluted, Capulong explained, making it quite impractical but nonetheless fun.

According to the video demonstrating the project, the Game Boy camera is run off a Super Game Boy 2, the adapter cartridge …
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