How to Be Creative | NEW Creative Photography 101 Course!

“You should quit, you just aren’t good enough.” Those were actual words of my high-school art teacher. In fairness, I wasn’t good, and he was just trying to help guide my career towards something he thought was better for me. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I decided to pick up a camera and explore photography. After falling in love with the medium, I committed myself to the process … books, videos, test shoots, internships, putting myself out there for critique and feedback… these were the tools I used to TRAIN MY CREATIVITY.

Here’s the secret, most of us AREN’T born creative. We don’t just inherently know how to create great photographs. Well, maybe there’s the 1% that do, but I sure as heck wasn’t one of them. So instead, I created frameworks and education that train photographers to understand HOW your camera sees the world. From there, you’ll […]


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