Just Saying …: The New Photography, Part 2*

Free Press columnist Tom Sadowski I used to be a photographer. No, really. I had my own commercial studio and big corporate clients who would send over products to photograph and young models from modeling agencies to hold the products while the art director smiled and I snapped away. A photo agency handled my stock photos. I was put in helicopters and planes and flown about for different assignments and I had to know what I was doing and so did my assistant. Yes, I had an assistant and lights and backgrounds and a darkroom. Yeah, that kind of photographer.
What’s that? Yes, I had a darkroom. That was for when we used film and dismissed digital photography as a tool that would never approach the quality of film. It had enlargers, trays, film washers and smelled of fixer and acetic acid stop bath. I know darkrooms are old […]

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