Lensrentals Breaks Open the EOS R5, Finds Exceptional Weather Sealing

Roger Cicala and the crew at Lensrentals finally got the chance to do a proper teardown of the Canon EOS R5, and what they found is an exceptionally well-sealed camera that’s packed full of the latest tech. That’s both a huge pro and, if you’re thinking in terms of heat dissipation, a potential con.
It’s worth mentioning right away that Cicala doesn’t tackle the overheating debate directly… at least not yet. But he does point out all of the design elements that produce heat, the ones that are there to take away heat, and why this particular camera might not be very good at actually dissipating heat once it builds up.
You can see the full teardown at this link, but there are a few points worth calling out.
First and foremost is the weather sealing, which is some of the best (if not THE best) that Roger and his team have ever seen, at least on the bottom 2/3 of the camera. It seems that, assuming there are no leaks, you could set this thing down in a puddle no problem because there are some beefy gaskets to keep the internals cozy.

Which brings us …
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