Lightroom Printing Q&A

First, before we kick into the Q&A for today, I wanted to thank everybody who joined us for ‘The Landscape Conference” this week. What a wonderful, gracious, fun crowd to present to (over 1,400+ photographers attended live), and it was such a blast. My humble thanks to spending a few days with us — we’re very grateful and hope you all learned a lot!

One of the sessions I did was called “It’s all about the print” and the focus was on how to print from Lightroom Classic, either to your own desktop printer or to set-up and prep your image in Lightroom and then send it to an online lab, like BayPhoto or MPIX. I had a number of questions during the conference that I thought I’d also address here today for folks that didn’t get to attend. Here we go:

Q. If I’m …
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