The Lead: Smile, please! How’s your wedding photography?

Representative Image. Credit: Reuters Photo In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, director of Shutterbug Film Company Abhiram Rajan on how the wedding photography landscape has changed due to the pandemic. Excerpts:

Sandeep Menon: Today we have with us the director of shutterbug Film Company. Abhiram Rajan to talk to us about what’s happening in the world of marriage during these times in India. And many other things. Abhiram, How are you?

Abhiram: Rajan: Going Okay. Things are going fine. What about you?

Sandeep: Life moves on. Let’s not talk about me. So, the last time I met you, I think a couple of years ago.Abhiram: Three years ago.Sandeep: Three years ago, yes, you were taking photographs in bars and pubs and stuff like that for pubs and things. And you are a BCA by education also. Yeah, tell me how did you get into this world of, you […]


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