The Ultimate Guide for Macro Photography Beginners

Robert K Baggs is a Headshot, Portrait, and Commercial photographer from London & Hertfordshire. He’s been published in broadsheets, magazines, and websites globally including the likes of The BBC, National Geographic, and The Telegraph. In addition to this, Robert’s work has been displayed in galleries from New York to Paris.

Like all modern love stories, I found macro photography on the internet. I hadn’t long bought my first camera when I was stunned by the intricacy of insects when observed close up. I hurriedly punched in ‘Amazon’ and began searching for the lenses I’d seen in the EXIF data of the photos I admired and quickly sank in to a penniless depression. However, I picked my peasant self up off the floor, dusted myself down and decided to find a cheaper alternative to see if macro photography was ‘for me’. I found one and it was.
From then on my love for macro photography grew and so did my arsenal of equipment. In the years I’ve been a serial bug-botherer and crouching garden lurker I have learnt a lot and gradually compiled a document of information with the view to someday write a guide. What …
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