10 ways to improve your fine art photography

In 2014, The Guardian columnists Sean O’Hagan and Jonathan Jones revisited an old question: is photography a fine art?
According to Jones, a photograph could never compete with a painting on a gallery wall. But O’Hagan argued that it didn’t have to—photography is its own medium, independent of other art forms but no less worthy of recognition.
In the five years since that debate, fine art photography has made its mark on established institutions and up-and-coming galleries alike. Historic museums have opened up new photography wings, and brand new photography museums have cropped up around the world. “[There are] more photography festivals in a month than there used to be in a year,” O’Hagan wrote a few months ago.
It’s settled, then: photography is a fine art, and a flourishing one at that. But in a field full of possibilities, what separates the outstanding artists from everyone else? We asked 500px Ambassador Taya Ivanova, in addition to esteemed New York City gallerists Daniel Cooney, owner of Daniel Cooney Fine Art, and Michael Foley, owner of Foley Gallery, for their insights and tips for breaking into this ever-changing genre.

1. Get personal
According to all three experts, …
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