Digital Model and Property Releases for Shutterstock Contributors

Digital model and property releases are now available at Shutterstock. Say goodbye to your printers, contributors can now complete a model, minor, and property release entirely online. Here’s how.

Contributors and models at Shutterstock can now submit digitally signed model, minor, and property releases entirely online. It’s never been easier to contribute your work to Shutterstock, it’s time to get started sharing your art with the world. 

What are the benefits of digital model releases at Shutterstock?

The short answer is, there are endless benefits. You will no longer need to chase down your models, find a printer, and manually fill out the forms. All you need is a model’s email address and access to our platform to send the digital model release. It really is that simple.

Digital model releases are here. Image by are the different types of releases I can send digitally?

In an exciting new update, you can now submit minor releases, model releases, and property releases all digitally. This means that essentially any content you upload to Shutterstock can be approved using our digital model release function.

Where can I find digital model, minor, and property releases?

Your …
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