[Travel Photography] A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Travel Photography

This article is guide for the aspiring travel photographer who don’t know where to start. The article originally appeared here, and is being republished with express permission from Viktor.
Viktor Elizarov is a travel photographer and educator from Montreal, Canada. He travels around the world and shares his experiences on his popular travel photography blog. Visit Tutorials section of his blog for free tutorials (including original raw files) and free Lightroom presets.

It was a beautiful day in Montreal. I was on a regular afternoon jog listening to a popular photography podcast. The topic of the episode was travel photography. The guests on the show were two professional photographers with the years of experience.
At the end of the podcast, during the listener question and answer session, the first question immediately grabbed my attention. Why? Because I’ve been asked the same, or a nearly identical, question many times …
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